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"I'm Ok" by Ran Blacc of Crown Music


       "I’m OK"
                    by Ran Blacc 
                          of Crown Music

Written by: Naomi G.

We have all been there before: the hard breakup,  loss of a friend, or that big fight with your Love. We find ourselves trying to carry on as if everything is OK. Going through the normal routine of our day, yet inside there’s that intense internal mental battle. 

Rerunning all the good and bad that led up to that point. Questioning what went wrong? What could have been done or said differently? After all we have been thru, did all of this really come to an end? What now? 

So far we've had the pleasure of listening to "Screen Friend", "Decisions", "Last Night", "Cuddle Up", and "Take It Back" all of which are from Ran Blacc’s Solo Project "Emotions of Man". "I’m OK" is the latest single off of this project, which gives us and inside look at the mental struggle of going through the stages of a break up: the pain, the guilt, depression, the upward turn, acceptance and hope.

The melody and tone of the song allows you to feel what Ran Blacc felt as he expresses himself after a breakup. The lyrics express exactly what so many others have thought at one point in their lives, making this song personal.  The smoothness of this track allows for it to be easily played on repeat thousands and thousands and thousands of times....

Not many Men like to speak on the issues that they face in today's world. They are thought to be the strong ones all the time, the protectors and the providers; however, their mental health is just as important. It's nice to have someone show a side that society tries to repress. Thank you Ran Blacc for giving us this insight, and bringing more awareness to the importance of Men's Mental Health! 

Be sure to hit up "I'm OK" by Ran Blacc available tomorrow for your listening pleasure! Don't forget to be on the lookout for the full release of "Emotions of Man" coming soon! 

Much Love and Respect, Naomi G.

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