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“Rap with Talent” is becoming one of the hottest IG blog pages out

Subham Negi has made a huge name for himself and become one of the top hip hop bloggers in the world in recent weeks. His Instagram page @Rapwithtalent has shown the world a lot of artist who are very talented and sometime may gets overlooked until they are posted on his page then their careers have a great chance of taken off. 

 He has many influential people who follow his page and each artist he has posted has a chance to get seen by major artist such as Richfam Nate and many more. Subham Negi offering promotion to artist have changed their careers and lives. Rap with talent is a top Instagram blog page that everyone should be tuned into. Rap with talent is a huge reason for the success of artista like @Richfam_Nate due to the exposure they provided to Richfam Nate when he was unknown, know he is a superstar because of the power of @Rapwithtalent!
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