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Nikko Tesla Captivates His Fans With New Album, "Black Hill Ave 2"


Written by: Julz Mancini

It is a beautiful gift, not only to fall in love with music naturally, but to be surrounded by musically inclined family whom want to see you succeed as they have. Nikko Tesla, was not only humbled by a harsh environment every time he stepped outside, but also loved by his aunt and disco legend, Gloria Gaynor, singer of hit songs such as, “I Will Survive”and “Never Can Say Goodbye” and mother Sondra Simon, lead singer of Simon Said. Nikko had the best of both worlds in which added to his eclectic and unique approach to his own music. The hip hop legend, Nas, had a huge impact on the creative’s music career. Being from Queens himself, Nikko felt tremendously inspired by the star. 

It is imperative for music artists to become educated and learn their craft to the point of perfection. In addition to education, artist’s must also be consistent. Nikko Tesla was given a blueprint from a young age by his mother. Lesson after lesson, Nikko blossomed into an amazing songwriter. The hours of songwriting sessions with his mother, including Nikko’s consistency, were the power combination that catapulted his career. 

Since Nikko’s artistry has taken off he has been presented with many opportunities and awards such as, the “BU Magazine’s Unsigned Artist of the Month Award” and the “Industry Muscle’s Unsigned Artist of the Month Award”. Nikko has also had the honor of working with Iz Dofat, The Wonder Twinz, Maximum Pressure, and DJ/MC Smooth Denali. Nikko Tesla is even a 4x VMA Nominee!

Nikko Tesla has released numerous projects such as, “Cold NY Morning” and “The Black August LP”. He was even involved in a compilation project titled, “The Development”. His most recent release, “Black Hill Ave 2” is a 12 song album filled with fascinating lyrics, delivery, and production. 

The first track, “Hold On” is the introduction to the project. The classic production gives an amazing NYC vibe which coincides beautifully with Nikko’s lyrics. This song portrays how awake Nikko is pushing several messages within the 2 minute masterpiece. 

“What’s worse than worthless is people feeling shame. Can’t see sunshine but they can feel the rain. You dodge cops, opps, prison, and black hearses. Thugs keep the faith, tattoo the Bible verses. I’m an artist with weapons, boy don’t move wrong. These streets is painted with n**gas that I done drew on. A modern day Picasso, I am him. But I don’t like violence. It’s just conditions that I am in.”

“If I Was a Millionaire”, lured me in from the very beginning with soft vocals and heart-touching lyrics. Nikko is educating the people on finances and what he would do if he was a millionaire. It’s not the typical message of cars, bottles, and jewelry. 

“If I was a millionaire, I would buy my mom a house in freedom land.”

“Me a millionaire? I’d buy my family freedom with it. Tell America bye and don’t expect a visit. Develop schools for every prison that was built up. Invest in black teachers so our own can teach us.”

Life is all about the struggle and the grind. The adversities we are constantly faced with increase our strength and mold us into who we are meant to be. The song “Rain” featuring Shea Barz definitely had my emotions running high. 

“They say home where the heart is. Depends on how it started. Black girl lost. I was often broken hearted. Didn’t understand how my pops just departed. Now I’m forced to walk alone in a world full of darkness.”

“Dear Lord, reporting live from the gutter. I’m from the block where the opps will even snuff your mother. Loyalty is rare. N**gas go hard to find it. No waterpark, OG cracked the fire hydrant.”

 The next song that caught my attention was “Be For Real” due to Nikko unapologetically speaking his truth. This is another track that was produced, engineered, and executed flawlessly. 

“It’s been quiet for a minute so I had to black. Like a Tyler Perry movie where the actors wack. Guns come out. If you got it, then I won’t mind. You n**gas too sweet. I’m from a diabetic blood line.”

Nikko has unmatched word play and punch lines. Throughout the duration of this project, I played songs on repeat just to fully embody the words he spits with such intriguing delivery. It was extremely difficult to decide which songs to discuss in this article because every track is perfection.

“Quincy and Caden” touched my heart as the song begins with the voices of a child praying followed by lyrics dedicated to Nikko’s sons. The track is consumed with imperative education for his young children portraying the amazing father Nikko is. 

“The in crowd is never cooler. The man content with himself will soon become a ruler. You listen more and speak less. There’s only one God to impress.”

The songs discussed are just a few within the album, “Black Hill Ave 2”. Within each track are messages, lessons, realities, and heart. Nikko Tesla provides his audience with a well-rounded work of art which invites them into his world. From beginning to end this album keeps the listener engaged and intrigued. “Black Hill Ave 2” is by far one of the best albums I’ve heard recently. To follow Nikko Tesla throughout his music journey and to stream his music, click on the links below!





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