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. Where are you from? and introduce yourself.
Meechie Stacks aka Meechie Racks aka Meechie 3000 im from Cincinnati Ohio

2. Is it difficult to be a rapper?
No ive had much worse ways of working bad jobs bad situations rapping is time-consuming but it is fun at the same time so it's not difficult.

3. Who are you inspired by?
My family. Some rappers that inspired me are NWA Snoop Too Short 50 Cent Kanye West Lil Wayne Lil B.

4. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music?
I just dropped a single from my next album coming out late march titled "Munch 4".

5. What makes you different from a lot of artists?
A lot of things my work ethic. My passion and love for life and humanity and nature. Also, im an author i just released two books. I just put my first Video game out its called " Where is Meechie Stacks" it's out on google play.

6. Tell us about your upcoming project.
Munch 4 is the next album Im gonna drop trying a lot of new sounds and relaxing within my flow and melodies more. I have some of the biggest features ive ever got with artists like Famous Dex Lil B and Dmc and i plan on throwing some of them on the project.

7. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper?
Surpassing a million streams was a big goal of mines that I've accomplished. Reaching my dreams shows that anybody can do the rapping.

8. Any message to your fans?

Much much love always peace and positivity be on the lookout for new videos and of course my next album " Munch 4.

Instagram : @meechieracks1
Twitter : @1meechiestacks

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