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Born in Philadelphia Raised by his mother and father JOSEPH CHAUNCEY REAVES also know as J Spaz On Instagram as @J_SPAZ_THEGOAT J SPAZ is a 29 Year old American rapper, singer & songwriter Born in Philadelphia PennsylvaniaReleasing his Debut mixtape titled Laneless the mixtape. An 8 track Project was released in2018 on YouTube Generating over 37,000 On his YouTube channel and soon After moving on and officially making its musical Debut On global streaming platforms such as Deezer Spotify Apple Music iTunes. SoundCloud and more .

2) In songs like I remember J SPAZ frequently talks about his childhood and the struggles of growing up From Poor Living conditions AS A young child to the Drug abuse habits of his mother and father, To his trouble and run-in with police. AT A young Age J spaz was involved in boxing and other Vigorous activity’s and started doing music As a hobby Venturing off into recording sessions at the studio writing his 1st freestyle with his 2nd Oldest of three siblings, but It wasn’t until the age of 26 when Joseph Chauncey Reaves Adopted the musical stage name j spaz And joined takeover movement radio in 2018, but when J SPAZ became a solo artist is when he found his unique sound Releasing his 1st notable singles at the age of 26, The local Philadelphia Pa, Single titled, “plotting” a Rather popular single Proclaimed to be based on real-life events of a story of a tragic event Involving the artist Joseph Chauncey Reaves known as J Spaz and Senseless gun violence On the streets of Philadelphia in 2016 A incident which Ultimately ending the young Talents boxing career but Surprisingly, started a new Completely new one, as Joseph Chauncey Reaves was soon to become the local MusicianFormally known as j spaz.

3) After the release of his local hit single plotting in 2016, following the Debut of Laneless the mixtape Which made it’s premiere on Digital streaming platforms such as YouTube music, Google play music, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and more J spaz Went on to answer the Grindhouse showcase At lyrics lounge in Philadelphia pa, winning first place In the local Musical competition And soon after winning the grindhouse showcase J spaz, went on to team up with takeover movement radio Being featured in numerous YouTube interviews Ain’t Performing on stage at takeover movement radio show, And ultimately teaming up withNowplayingdigital A group of local Philadelphia digital creator Collaborating together working on life or death the EP a project by JOSEPH CHAUNCEY REAVES KNOW AS J SPAZ Which also made its appearance on musical streaming platforms such as Deezer Apple Music Spotify Google play YouTube And more, Nowplayingdigital has released numerous YouTube interviews with the rising star J SPAZ AND produced GOAT MUSIC The official video Which originally was A single from J Spaz’s Second Known project Titled “Life or death” the EP. Later on in his career, J Spaz Collaborated with Philadelphia’s own Battle rap legend known as E Ness Releasing a single proclaimed to be the hood anthem titled (Ghetto news) soon after The news of the two Philadelphia artist working together Was released on social media, J Spaz Went on yet again Collaborating with another Verified social media Philadelphia rising star this time a trending artist who goes by the name of Lil Mop top Together with the two released medusa a song with HipHop Lyrics over an up-tempo dancing beat which also followed the lead of Laneless the mixtape which made its debut on streaming platforms such as Google play, AppleMusic, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube music and more. JOSEPH CHAUNCEY REAVES KNOWN AS J spaz is on Instagram at j_spaz_thegoat Today as a solo artist j spaz took to Instagram to announce the works of a new project and SQL Titled Laneless 2 the wait is over.

4) A Brief summary:
J spaz Was born to the name Joseph Chauncey Reaves in Philadelphia j spaz grew up Engaging in Various activities such as boxing and musical activities. In 2016 j spaz was shot Numerous times Upon his awake joseph Chauncey Reaves Found a greater love for music later adopting the name and becoming j spaz at the age of 26 officially starting his Music journey.
Follow the rising star and Philadelphia’s local talent Joseph Chauncey Reaves Formally known to the music world as J Spaz On Instagram as @j_spaz_thegoat Stay up-to-date with his latest shows interviews music and more by subscribing and following his YouTube channel at YouTube.com “Search” J spaz. Keep an eye out in a closed here for Laneless 2 The wait is overcoming soon.

Check out some of his latest music on SoundCloud at j spaz ( Joseph Chauncey Reaves)
YouTube channel: j spaz
Follow j spaz on instagram @ j_spaz_thegoat


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