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NITRO R brings a unique sound to the industry. You can feel his Latin roots from Ballads, through Regaetton to Hip-Hop. His music takes you through his journey in life. Broken hearts, joy, struggle, hope. It doesn’t matter your genre of choice, NITRO R will bring you into his world in every song. It doesn’t matter if you are not one to hit the floor dancing, his beat will make your heart pump, your body move and your soul dance.
“I was born in the Dominican Republic in 1991, with racing in my blood. From a young age, I was fascinated by fast cars and because of this, my friends started calling me nitro-r.
I became passionate about music and especially reggaeton when I first heard it playing on the radio at the age of 8. I idolized Daddy Yankee while growing up, as he was one of the pioneers of reggaeton music. I started freestyle rapping at 17 and recorded my first song at 22. My main music genres are Dembow, Reggaeton and Latin Trap. I enjoy living a calm life and always put God first.”


1. Where are you from? and introduce yourself.
I grew up in the Dominican Republic and the youngest of four siblings.  I come from a financially poor background where my mother worked as a cleaner and my father took on multiple different jobs such a chef, taxi driver etc to support the family. I spent most of my childhood in Cabarete.  

2. What made you think that you should pursue music as a career?
I became passionate about music and especially 
Reggaeton when I first heard it on the radio at 8 years old.  Since then, I knew I wanted to follow my passion and to pursue a career in music.

3. What's the biggest obstacle you faced when you started making rap music?
Growing up poor, I worked multiple jobs to financially support myself and struggled to find and dedicate time to fully pursue rap music. It took me some time to be in a position where I am today.

4. What is your biggest accomplishment so far as an independent artist?
Joining the Dogface family and being a part of the Sony company. Prior to this, I 
represented Global Vodka and Liquid Nitro.

5. Who were some of your favourite artists growing up?
My favourite artists growing up were and still are Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel.

6. What inspired you to write your lyrics?
My life experiences.

7. What about yourself do you think stands out the most compared to another similar artist?
I like to have a broader style of music with lyrics that appeal to a wider audience.

8. Tell us about your 
upcoming music projects.
I’m working hard on some Latin trap, dembow and reggaeton songs in my 
upcoming music.

9. If you could open up for any artist who would it be? and why?
I would be very honoured to be able to open for any of my favourite artists mentioned earlier and/or Ozuna. They are all great performers and it would be a great opportunity to be able to see them perform and work with them.

10. Any last word or anything you would like to tell our supporters and fans before we end this interview?
Thanks to my existing fans and all the people supporting me.  For those that don’t know me, watch out for me as I have a lot of good music coming out soon.

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