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Exclusive Interview with Da REAL Boe Dilly

Exclusive Interview with Da REAL Boe Dilly

1. Where are you from? and introduce yourself.
Where I’m from? Shiddd , I’m Originally from G-Street ( Clayton, La ) like the real talk I came Str8 up out of an Alley , but I grew up In SW3 (Baton Rouge,La) Shou-out My Dawg 2ManyDreamz . I moved to Baton Rouge, La when I was in da 3rd Grade. Then once I got to 8th Grade, I just started Back & forwarding.

This your ThuGGG Da Real Boe Dilly , I Just want to be y’all favorite Artist Da Real Tre’ Wne 8 Baby  . I’m currently 23 years old, I’m an Aries My G Day is March 25, 97 -&&& Yesss, I’m da Last of Da Dying Bred. 

2. What first got you into music?
This the only thing I can find myself to do for a living & when I say that I meant that like, to have a passion for it & to love a career. Doing something u hate will only last so long. So I choose music because it’s Da only thing I love besides Life. 
Life is da most BEAUTIFUL thing to have.

3. Who inspired you to make music?
See music was always apart of my life, but if I had to narrow down & be specific. I’ll give all Love, Respect & Honors to 2ManyDreamz ( Dwayne Kennedy ) . Grew up in Sherwood We both stayed on Robbie Ave & We were making music & created a group call Lil Ville.

4. How would you describe the music that you typically create?
2 Words “ My Life “

5. What is your creative process like?
Da 5 P’s. Proper Preparations Prevents Poor Performances.

6. If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
That’s hard, I’ll just give u 3 . 3. Plies/Rick Ross, 2. Snoop DoGGG 1. Durk , I’ve been fw him since He droppppp’d “ Dis Ain’t What U Want “ in 2014 . Then Lil Boosie & BG  , like I say I’m from Louisiana & Growing up in da boot & seeing them making it out da struGGGle is what kept me motivated & still keeps me motivated still to this day.

7. Tell us about your upcoming project.
I’m working on My First Album, “ Blood , Sweat , -& Tears “ . I haven't made an official release date yet. -But, I just want to let y’all to know I got another cake baking for y’all yea. 

8. What are your plans for the near future?
In My Boosie Boo voice, “ Minor Sit Bac For a Major Come Bac .“

9.  If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
I’ll kill all da B.S. as a total . It is what it is doe , “ U Fwm Da Right Way & Ima Fwy Da Right Way . “ Da Dic Riding , envy , etc , etc , needs to be obsoleted. 

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