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" Cuddle Up" by Ran Blacc ft. XI da'MC & LooseLyric

 "Cuddle Up"

 By Ran Blacc ft XI da’ MC & LooseLyric


 Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate with your Loved one, than to share the gift of New Music? Whether you have plans for a night out, or a night in, "Cuddle Up", by Ran Blacc ft. XI da'MC & LooseLyric, is the perfect Song to help set the mood.

We usually hear love songs released from other genres; however, Crown Music has brought that familiar "Old School" sound with their original “Hip Hop & B” sound, making “Cuddle Up” the perfect Valentine’s Day track. From the very beginning, the melody is warm, mellow, and inviting. It lures you in with it’s easy-going flow, taking you into the chorus by Ran Blacc, who sets the” Grown & Sexy” mood for the whole track.

XI da’ MC then verbally entices you in with his lyrics, painting the perfect picture of an exquisite date night with your Love. Shortly after, LooseLyric steps out of his normal genre of music, to help remind the Ladies of how great those “Cuddle Up” sessions should be! Ran Blacc ends it with his seductive chorus, gently letting us go, allowing us to get back to reality after that quick “Grown and Sexy” escape.

So grab your loved one, turn up the volume, and "Cuddle Up"!! Available on all Music Streaming  platforms 02-14-2021. Get your Pre-orders in NOW!! 

                                           Much Love & Respect, Naomi G.


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