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C.J. Watson - 'Chris' (Full-Length Album)


C.J. Watson releases his new album “Chris.” The 24-track project is his third solo studio album with Real Every Day Entertainment LLC. The Dallas, Texas-based artist recruited an elite selection of musicians including Jayson Lyric, Kenny Smith, Almighty Lord Wrecka, Raekwon, Rakim Al-Jabbar, J.Waiters, BSG LIL KEN, Vera Blaque, TAG, Garshar, and Kam Simmy to deliver classic nostalgia.

“Chris” truly captures C.J. Watson in his natural being while sharing impeccable storytelling and captivating lyricism. He bluntly expresses his personal truths over diversified soundscapes brimming with funk, soul, and cinematics. It’s evident his past vulnerabilities have shaped him into the man, “better than average, more than a savage” and artist he is today.

The Disclaimer is just that, a disclaimer on music as an art form and the need to respect it. First Generation Millionaire is a funky track about being self-made and self-paid with an LLC locked for C.J.’s kids and grandkids to blaze on. Charge it to the Game describes how C.J. rose above triumphs and is now securing success with no more losses. Blessed, a more upbeat, bouncy tempo with a catchy hook reaffirms his destined life filled with knowledge, wins, and blessings.

Keep a Weapon, a street anthem of the album sends a message to anyone who’s tripping over C.J.’s status, take heed to the heavy metal that falls on his waist side. Cigar Music is definitely for the fellas…big smoke and big cash with a big stature…It’s Mr. Watson when you see him.

Two Girls One Plan is a comedic skit of a gold digger trying to convince her friend to lose the books and head to the club for some twerking action, with hopes that C.J. Watson’s eyes will be hypnotized. Classy & Nasty is for all the independent women bossed up, yet Patron ready behind closed doors. She’s a Pro is for the grown folks and follows suit of Classy & Nasty as C.J. holds no bars to divulge how to please his johnson…Ridin’ is a chill, laid-back track for riding through the 503 with no plan of action other than enjoying the moment. 

Everybody Hates Chris justifies his entourage of haters. There’s no in-between either you’re head-nodding along or stuck on the sidelines. I Need is a track ideal for self-affirming the man in the mirror. C.J. acknowledges what he strives for in life from health and wealth, a wife and 40 acres, and the need for continued elevation. The Messiah is a pivotal track of the album...at the end of the day, C.J is steering his own ship with no captain and without any SOS measures or life vest. 

You Need To is another comedic but incredibly realistic skit of people jumping in C.J.'s face with music demands…dumb down the music…dye your hair and show off a face tattoo…pop music gets heard on radio…get the ladies to shake asses and tits…Too Black for the Radio piggybacks off the skit, however, C.J. asserts his gimmick-free style and clearly is not here for a one-hit-wonder or the next minute man trend. Alpha Male coins C.J. as a leader of the pack with a heart of steel. He’s survived hell a few times and now refuses to digest any failure. Black Love Theory depicts a tale of authentic love between man and women, king and queen…that F the world, candlelit bath, no social media love. My Brotha/My Sista is the final skit of the album, one that addresses how brothers and sisters speak to one another in tones that are both telling and hypocritical.

Hueman is an empowering track for black men who stand tall and proud as Sun God’s with reflective hues. Inspire and Empower is a timeline of C.J.’s life that mentions times when he was discarded and forgotten…move forward to 2021, survival is the only topic while he keeps his eyes on the prize. Ray is another track that delves into past scars, specifically with a man who carried false intentions for his mom. Family Tree is a more in-depth lyrical bout that every family regardless of culture or background can relate to. C.J. sheds light on death, addictions, high tail police, troubled streets, and our choice to flourish or fall victim under the sun. III is another jewel-dropping track and C.J. has no qualms about lifting the rug and exposing our tainted society and communities.

Roll Credits, the last track of the album, summarizes C.J.’s thought process and commitment to enjoy his motion picture of life. He paints a lyrical canvas that fascinatingly captures his role as man, emcee, philosopher, and survivor…

Stream/download “Chris” and connect with C.J. Watson below.


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