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5D Crew - Camila

5D Crew aims to usher in great awakening with new album ‘Story of Souls’

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – From an inspirational thought of music healing transformation, 5D Crew was created. This music project for the great awakening has taken off like a rocket of creative juices forming a large collection of songs.

“Story of Souls,” released under their group name 5D Crew and released through their own indie label, Studio 11 Entertainment, the album delivers healing dance floor vibes alongside their New Age Pop-Hop music. It’s a melting pot of musical tones and flavors that should satisfy anyone’s musical sweet tooth and leave a lingering brain-invading hook. 

Gordon said. “There’s a great awakening that’s been happening and we’ve been moving into a 5D reality.   

The two came from different music journeys. Gordon has spent time building a Juno Award winning studio in Winnipeg that Kanye West visited back in 2007.  Starr has been a leading worldwide spiritual healer and a master of raising consciousness through a process he calls Shadowwork. Together, they’ve developed a fusion of different sounds, from Latin to Pop to Rock to EDM and everything in between. 

“That’s what makes the project interesting,” Starr said. “Jason is channeling the music and lyrics while I’m channeling the healing energy to put into the songs. But at the end of the day, we’re making music for the great awakening and helping people shift into that 5D reality”.

Three singles from the projects have been gaining a lot of traction from fans. The first is a Latin Pop song called “Camila” that was inspired by their mutual admiration for Latin Pop artist Camila Cabello.  The second is “Future of Love,” a futuristic vibe that explores what might happen if everyone had their own sex robot.  The third is perhaps the most timely and introspective. “My Number One” was written just as the world was going into a lockdown.  Starr said “There was a lot of negativity going on and we wanted to write a tribute to our daughters we are so grateful for”.

Gordon and Starr have an undeniable connection when it comes to crafting songs together.  They look forward to sharing more music with their fans in the coming years ahead. 

The album is currently available across all streaming platforms.  

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Story of Souls: 



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