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The Separation Releases New Project "HAQQ"


Written by: Julz Mancini

“The Separation” is a duo group consisting of artists J.P. and RoyL whom stay true to the roots of hip hop with skits, samples, lyricism, and strong messages for their audience. As I began to listen to “HAQQ”, their most recent project, I immediately realized they felt a strong responsibility to speak their truths. 

“It Begins” was the first song that captured my attention, as the beat filled my ears with emotion; the piano being a perfect touch to the production. The lyrics certainly touch on subjects that are extremely relevant to current events. 

“Manic depressant, in an environment where your sanity’s tested. Reading speeches of Frederick Douglas trying to capture the essence. Yes the soul that I possess you can not degrade. It was resilience and that dignity that freed the slaves.”

“A soldier with good intentions, grip the neck of my victim. Hopefully gaining notoriety while choking the system.”

“ScapeG.O.A.T.” begins with a sample of Jay Z stating, “People who you started your life off with and what success does to them; people look at you strange saying you changed like you worked that hard to stay the same. Like, you’re doing all this for a reason. And your principals, you don’t change that. But you gonna change who you are. You can’t do the same things. You can’t hang on the corner. Some people may not be comfortable with that.” This quote in itself lures in the listener as Jay Z speaks the truth, something J.P. and RoyL have worked so hard to convey throughout this project. 

I’m a black man in America who used to sell dope. And my music you getting truth, for this I don’t sell hope.”

While traveling through “HAQQ”, I came across the song “Eternity”. Beautiful and soulful male vocals add depth to the track, displaying another side to the group. 

“Lost to get found and now they all try to hide me. Next door to misery, cross the street from defeat. I climbed up from the bottom. It’s awkward here at the peak.”

It’s a breath of fresh air to hear artists speaking their truth which differs from much of the music we hear today. Transparency is a major component within The Separation’s music, allowing them to stand out in the independent music scene. 

“Bless His Heart” is another track that speaks volumes about the lives many live. This track portrays the group’s story telling abilities as they say, 

“Bless his heart, bless his heart. He shine and he don’t even know it. He’s blind. He don’t know where he’s going. Just needs somebody to show him. Sun ain’t shining so there ain’t nothing growing. I see him crying inside. Nobody knows it.

“The sun don’t shine. My world’s so dark. They lie on bars to climb they charts. Free my mind before it starts.”

“Retribution when the captives are losing. Took another man’s views for a better solution. They would rather take life than breathe life in a movement.”

This song shares the harsh realities many face on a daily basis, shedding light on the internal struggles individuals deal with due to a broken system. As I listened to the track on repeat, sounds of a man crying, sirens, and the piano brought the artists’ story to life. 

“Her Story” is certainly a song that all women needs to stream, beginning with a skit of a woman stating, “I never knew that in order for me to self love, that I had to actually know what true love felt like. It’s like an addiction. I paid for it, bought it. But it was never like true love. And still till this day I don’t know what true love is, still a void. I never knew that in order for me to be able to love myself, I had to be actually loved by somebody. And that love had to be shown by a daddy, something I never had. Why you never showed me what it meant to be truly loved? Why you couldn’t show me how to love myself?”

This quote, alone, lured me in. Many women can resonate with this song, as many of us have struggled to seek the true definition of self-love while facing constant hardships throughout life, typically beginning with an absent father. 

“She started leaning on Moscato and pain killers as a crutch. It’s difficult to blame. The pain is too much. But in God put your trust. Don’t put much value in what fades. Examine his character and take note of his ways. And if he shows you who he is, you need to act on the proof. Don’t listen to the lying. Turn your back on him boo.”

As J.P. and RoyL speak life into the women of the world, it brought tears to my eyes. Within 5 minutes, they were able to touch the heart of the listener while guiding her to a better understanding of her worth. I am truly thankful for this song.

“HAQQ” resembles a series of books, offering one story after another, opening the minds of its readers. The Separation utilizes personal experiences and the obstacles of others, to open up a world of struggle, conflict, and perseverance. I urge the reader to stream this project and follow the journey of J.P. and RoyL. Click on the links below!





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