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OG Rome Releases Official Music Video For "Who Am I"


Written by: Julz Mancini

OG Rome, a rapper and CEO of Rowdoggs Entertainment, makes it clear in his new music video “Who Am I” that he has the confidence and ability to succeed as he shows off his lavish lifestyle and lyrical ability. There is no doubt that the audience will be captivated by his energy, catchy hook, and simple yet exquisite visuals.

The video was shot in Mexico City, as the rapper stayed true to his roots. OG Rome is a unique talent from his style, delivery, and background. It is no surprise that his fan base is growing daily, as he continues to release content consistently, leaving his fans yearning for more.

With over seven thousand subscribers on YouTube, OG Rome has already obtained over six thousand views on “Who Am I” since its release just a few days ago. Be sure to check out OG Rome’s new music video “Who Am I” by clicking on the link below!

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