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Music- Jo-Bread ‘Buckroll’ Ft. Heez Karter

Check out “Buckroll” the latest release from Bronx New York based Mc Jo-Bread. This brand new record release is Presented by BreadGvng and has a feature from Heez Karter of the Haymaker Music Camp. Below we will provide the Spotify steaming player, The free Youtube Stream and the official press release info on Jo-Bread . Bronx native Jovan Quintana aka Jo-Bread has felt the slight touch of success and the sting of losing it all. Being an interest to labels at the young age of 19 with a single, “Money Ova Everythin”, on U.S. radios. Dabbling in a lifestyle that was a determent to his career and learning from those experiences he had a drive that would not allow anything to stand in his way. With a new single “Buckroll” alongside fellow artist Heez Karter hitting all DSPs, rolling out their collab EP “SPOOKY HRS” should be fun to watch. Jo-Bread will continue to prove he is a chameleon in his musical sound and can transform his delivery to whatever fits his mood. He is a true musical artist and the hip-hop community will be made aware of his talents.
LISTEN DIRECTLY ON SPOTIFY- https://open.spotify.com/album/5ZmnfzlsbZhi8IUYB1gOKO
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