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"Last Night" by Ran Blacc

  "Last Night" 

by Ran Blacc from Crown Music

How many times have you found yourself thinking about the argument you had with your man or woman the night before? You're sitting there rethinking the whole situation, while coming to the self realization that it might really be over. Regretting what was said, wanting another chance for the other to rethink it, and asking them what do they really want to do.  That's exactly what Ran Blacc is saying in his latest release, "Last Night", from his upcoming project, "Emotions of Man". 

Let's start with the beat... Instantly catchy, and is easy to keep up with and groove to. All of  the instrumental chords were properly placed to help paint the picture of confusion and chaos that is going on inside of his head, allowing you to feel what he is feeling. His lyrics are heartfelt, and on point with the situation that most us of have found ourselves in, at one point or another. This makes the song more relatable and personal. 

Now let's get to the vocals, and start with Ran Blacc's Grown & Sexy voice. Here we have a man who isn't afraid to admit he is wrong, and realized he messed up. He isn't begging for another chance, but he is acknowledging he was wrong, and that life won't be the same without her. You get the sense that even though he messed up, and is wanting to know what she's gonna do, he shows that he is grown enough to take whatever choice she makes. This shows his maturity and the self awareness of his feelings, adding more depth to his voice, and this track. 

Now that I've given you the "Run Down" on this new release, hit up the links and check it out for yourself. Be sure to like, follow, and share ALL THINGS CROWN! 
Much Love & Respect, Naomi G.
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