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Neshe – Hijo de la Noche feat. Jimmy Dub

Neshe - Hijode la Nochefeat. Jimmy Dub

Songwriters : Emanuela Oancea - Neshe Jimmy Dub

Producer : DJ Bonne

Mix & Mastering : Alexandru Truta

Language: Spanish - English

Genres: Reggaeton, Latin Pop


The song came to light during journeys between two cities; Istanbul and Bucharest. Its story is based on a mystery. The ‘’Hijode la Noche" that the woman in the song wants and is looking for is actually the love she feels for herself.

Neshe , Turkish - born pop singer, performing artist from Istanbul - Turkey. When her artistic life that started at early ages, combined with ballet, dance, theater and music, performing artist named Neshe emerges. After graduating from two of the most prestigious conservatories in Turkey, she continued her stage life on musicals and as a soloist in countries such as Spain, Austria, America , Neshe presents her latin pop - ethnic styled first single 'Hijo De La Noche’ to the music lovers through Sony Music Turkey - Stafworld labels. Neshe, who made a strong impression with her different style, talent and beauty, has already managed to take all the attention with her first single‘Hijo de la Noche ‘.

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