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We recently caught up with entrepreneur Tiffany Gaines in an interview asking her why there was a sudden media blast of her brand and likeness publicly and what her intentions were behind it. She explained how she recently set a goal to contract and mentor a total of 10,000 artists, managers and 100 record labels combined within the next 5 years to help prepare them for a better chance at succeeding in the music and entertainment industry. She currently has over 4,000 clients and 47 record labels contracted non-exclusively under her company SS Global Entertainment. 

Gaines brings a world of encouragement and empowerment to her partners, peers and the generations to come for those who know her personally or who follow her on social media. She makes a daily effort to post at least one bit of advice with no particular audience in mind to those who will simply take heed. She is committed to promoting words of positive enlightenment and leaves anyone who meets her either personally or comes across her profiles for the first time; inspired. 

A phrase “Shared Success is the Best Success” that started off as a way of life she chose to commit to when beginning her professional career nearly two decades ago has changed the course of Gaines’ life for the better. Gaines decided to go public by agreeing to tell her story in hopes of uplifting others through her experience and journey so that anyone who may be feeling discouraged from endless sweat and tears but not seeing results fast enough, could somehow become inspired by her commitments to succeed regardless of the odds against her.  

“In this business, most people say they want you to succeed, but in reality, just not quicker than they do. I am the opposite of most. I believe that if we all agree to work together so the entire network of our professional circle is succeeding, then we can create a massive spectrum of opportunities”. This is why I chose to call the company, (Shared Success Global Entertainment). If I can teach, support and guide as many people as I can on becoming independently knowledgeable on how to grow and profit, there will be no limits to the heights we can reach as a team”

Gaines was offered a six-figure position to work with The Island Def Jam Music Group, and turned it down because she feared the idea of her friends and immediate circle viewing her as what would appear to be so unreachable that she would end up alone and unfulfilled from purpose because of it. 

“I’ve seen what money does to people from personal experience and I want no part in what comes with that. I am the farthest from what people claim as “Hollywood” and I want to make sure people know that about me. I want to help others more than myself and hopefully my career choices have proved that to be evident”. 

Outside of her immediate family and close friends, music executives like Alonzo Robinson formerly Senior Director of Black Music/Creative Affairs and Membership for the West Coast region at (ASCAP) who currently sits as SS Global Entertainment’s Vice President of A&R, and producer/actor, Charles Stettler (Yo MTV Raps) who developed and managed some of the most prominent legendary careers of; the Fat Boys, Ed Lover, Doctor Dre, Leslie “Big Lez” Segar, Run of Run DMC just to name a few who continue to encourage Gaines as they act as not only examples of success but great friends and mentors. They continue to support and champion pivotal moments in her career and because of people like them within her professional and personal circle, she remains inspired and committed to succeed. 

 “They continue to see potential in me at times when I feel like everything is moving in slow motion. I may not speak to them on a daily basis, but I am eternally grateful for their honest, unbiased support and respect for me as a whole. Especially holding the kind of resumes as theirs, it still surprises me that they actually have time to take notice of my accomplishments at all”. 

This leaves us with a reminder that no matter how high someone climbs up the ladder of success, while many who reach such heights may leave those behind who were once considered friends, family or peers, there are still those who exist simply cut from a different cloth who care enough about others to appreciate the true meaning and value of sharing success. At the rate Gaines is going towards making a difference in so many lives, it seems quite promising that she will one day meet her goals and aspirations set forth to teach and lead and hopefully this gives some inspiration as to what life’s mission should really be about which is one’s fulfillment of success rather than simply the act of reaching it. 

via LA Weekly


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