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"Decisions" by Ran Blacc ft. XI Da MC



         "Decisions" by Ran Blacc ft. XI Da MC

As usual business goes, I get an email from Ran Blacc of Crown Music, but this one has his new single “Desicions” featuring XI Da MC, and my first thought was “ DAMN! ANOTHER ONE? He just released “Screen Friend”? But then again it is Crown Music! They don’t ever stop!”. 

So I push play, and to no surprise the song is another HIT! When the song first started I was like, “Ok!" It starts off with a nice intro to the beat by Ran Blacc. He then hits the first verse with those "Grown & Sexy" lyrics to an old school feel beat, bringing back those original R&B vibes into our modern music era. 

It then transitions into a feel good, get off your feet vibe, with XI Da Mc spitting lyrics the only way he knows how; freely, lyrically, with great delivery, painting a great picture of what many have faced at some point in life.

This whole track lures you in, from the beginning to the end, making you want to get up and feel those good vibes throughout! You could listen to this track full blast in your car, at home while getting your dance on, or just when you need a perfect pick me up! So be sure to check it out on your favorite music streaming platform! 


Much Love & Respect, Naomi G

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