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C Milli- Releases First EP "Gambit"

Written by: Julz Mancini

The reality is most independent artists fund their own music careers. In pursuit of success, artists work overtime, sacrifice sleep, and work diligently on their craft while trying to beat the clock to punch in. Many fall victim to the job that provides their primary income. However, there are also artists who put up a fight round after round, shift after shift to make their dreams a reality. I have found that independent artists typically face battles struggling to stay true to their passion while simultaneously abiding by the stipulations and rules of the day job. The famous saying, “Don’t quit your day job” does not exist in the mind of an artist as their end goal is to make music their primary source of income. C Milli is an IT professional by day and a talented artist by night. For him, the end goal is for music to consume his life in which will allow him to say his farewells to his 9 to 5.

This year C Milli was able to release his first project, introducing the globe to his art. Prior to this release, C Milli spent ten years pinpointing his unique sound preparing to share his gift with the world. “Gambit” is the project in which allowed C Milli to blossom as an artist and explore the industry of music.

“Gambit” begins with a song titled, “Run Up”, introducing the listener to a soft and captivating melody along with C Milli’s intriguing voice. C Milli begins the song with a spoken word vibe, enticing the listener as he speaks clearly with a purpose.

“On a morning run through when the sun scheming. Sky walking passed these avenues like I’m day dreaming. Living in scenes; keeping my favorite clips. Living a emptiness with the bullsh*t. System designed for you and yours not to make it.”

As I moved through “Gambit”, I began listening to “Whatcha Want”. Continuing with a soft, melodic beat, C Milli surprises the listener with his singing vocals. His transition from rap to singing certainly gives this song a different dynamic while sharing an alternative side of his artistry with his audience. Speaking to a woman of interest, C Milli portrays the energy between him and her. After hearing “Whatcha Want”, I am eager to see C Milli utilize his vocal abilities more in the future.

“We in that vibe that easily assemble a tribe. No lies jump in and do whatever you like. We vibe; energies pass through and greatness never wasted when you with the crew. And whatcha want may be a little different. Watcha need may be a different hit. But this a rare catch, aroma in the air.”

This four track EP is only the beginning for C Milli. Throughout the duration of “Gambit” C Milli made it apparent that he is a natural regarding the utilization of words to paint a vivid picture for his audience. With his soft singing voice, an intermittent vibe of spoken word, and lyricism, C Milli creates a continuance of interest for his listeners. With this project, C Milli gave the audience the perfect appetizer as they apprehensively await the main course. As his first EP, “Gambit” was a wonderful introduction and invitation into the creative mind of C Milli.

When listening to new artists, the most beautiful vision to have is potential; The potential for the artist to develop, to grow, and to fully embody the creative within. As C Milli further taps into his gift, I am eager to hear his progress. Due to his unique style and presentation of his craft, it is only a matter of time before he is able to say goodbye to the day job.

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