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Toronto's YV Release "2005" EP

 Hailing from Toronto, Canada, rap group YV releases their latest EP "2005", titled after the year of the groups formation.

To find your tribe is to find your safe haven and homebase. For YV, forming their brotherhood came from a series of events and experiences serving as their greatest teacher.

“Young Veterans” embodies the conjunction of a life well lived knowing there is still so much ahead. As YV puts it “Now there’s a blueprint it's not a robbery, it's a heist” a well thought out strategic game plan with the common goal of impacting their community and building a unique loyal fanbase.

Their creative journey began in the summer of 2005 a formative year, by 2010 they began to lock in at the studio in an attempt to quantify that friendship. Three years later the passing of their friend and musical collaborator, Nathan "Blingz" Noel placed a pause that would soon turn into the motivation they needed to hit the reset and continuation button on their creative journey.

YV is made up of four members, Quinto, Weekes, Dubz and producer Kid Kold. Weathering storms together, YV continues to build a foundation with an emphasis on curating music with substance depicting the polar views that exist in friendships that turn into family. Each armed with different views, temperaments, commentaries, morals and values YV creates an explosion of synergies leaving a lasting legacy. Music has and continues to serve as a therapeutic outlet connecting and binding a common ground where creative expressions collide. The creative process for YV is refined, each member contributing a unique perspective to create a wide range of music to captivate a diverse audience.

YV · 2005

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