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1. Where are you from? and introduce yourself.

My name is "REAL YOUNG BOY". I am a 16-year-old French rapper. I've been raping since I was 14, started writing lyrics in my boarding schoolroom, then my friends told me to go to the studio. My family is complete with me: it's a huge chance! So I made music now and I work hard every day to make my dream come true.

2. What made you think that you should pursue music as a career? I made a lot of contact in the music industry. I work with a lot of engineers, beatmakers, artists (such as OHTRAPSTAR, SURF ..). I have also accumulated over 400k streams on all streaming platforms only in the year 2020. I am motivated and I will give everything to make a name for myself in this industry. I also want to make my parents proud of the music.

3. What's the biggest obstacle you faced when you started making rap music?

At first, it was difficult .. what hurt me the most were the judgments and sneers, the people who don't respect your work! but now I don't listen to them anymore, I do what makes me happy, I love music.

4. What is your biggest accomplishment so far as an independent artist?

My EP "TIME TO SHINE"! I worked on this project every day for 4 months. Today my EP has 400K streams, thank you to everyone who listened to it! it's just crazy!

5. Who were some of your favourite artists growing up?
All the artists of my generation who live their dream life haha! I just that lol it’s simple I want my dream come true.

6. What inspired you to write your lyrics?
I simply tell my life in my texts

7. Tell us about your upcoming music projects.
I have a lot of projects for 2021 in particular, I will release a lot of video clips, big featuring with big artists. I work every day on it! 2021 is mine

8. If you could open up for any artist who would it be? and why?

I would like to work with "sui generis", I think we could make an international hit together

9. Any last word or anything you would like to tell our supporters and fans before we end this interview?

I love y’all, 2021 gonna be crazy, trust me! And never forget, live your dream and stream my songs :)

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