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HOODX Television Network- An Innovative Way For Artists To Reach New Heights


Written by: Julz Mancini

Social media has become the most prominent platform utilized by artists to introduce their talents to the world. Typically beginning with their primary circle of friends and family, artists begin on a quest to network with new prospects and potential super fans. Having the opportunity to speak with many talented musicians, I have noticed that several have encountered obstacles when it comes to increasing their exposure due to constant changes in algorithms. They have experienced a decrease in views, engagement, and likes. Artists turn to paid advertisements in hopes of compensating for these losses. Due to these platforms evolving, music artists are working diligently to educate themselves in alternative ways to stand out in the inundated world of music and social media. What if there was an avenue in which hard working and talented artists could reach millions of people in a shorter amount of time while spending less money? This may sound too good to be true. However, I have come across an amazing opportunity for artists to increase their exposure in half the time while also saving money.

HOODX Television Network, founded by Alfonzo Thomas, is the outlet artists have been seeking. Landing a distribution deal with Comcast Network has proved to be a major move for HOODX as it allows for larger expansion and reach for artists whom are tired of mundane posting with little success. HOODX currently distributes independent music videos to over one million cable boxes with Comcast Network in over twenty cities nationwide. Furthermore, this amazing company also distributes independent music to over 200 radio stations and podcasts globally. HOODX has developed promotional content for thousands of artists worldwide which include, DJ Envy, Charlemagne the God, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Redman, Ras Kass, Dizaster, and EDI Mean of the Immortal Outlawz. With HOODX rapidly growing, 160 independent videos have been distributed this year alone with a larger expectancy for the upcoming year.

HOODX doesn’t only have one channel. This company has five channels perfectly developed to fit the artists’ needs and content. The channels are as follows:

HOODXLIVE: This channel hosts all of the newest and latest music videos from mainstream music, ensuring that viewers capture visuals of their favorite artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, Cardi B, and more!

HOODX Red on Comcast Xfinity: This channel is the perfect display of independent music videos, airing constantly every day, all year long. This gives independent artists the opportunity to reach over one million cable boxes increasing their exposure and fan base.

HOODX Radio TV: This channel airs radio shows from the company’s partner stations including ATG Durtie Radio, #PROMOGOD, Urban Grind Radio, FlowTV, Dub K Street Radio, Ryde Along Radio, and Melted Minds Radio.

HOODX News: Staying up to date on all of the latest news and gossip from the hip-hop community, this channel airs from over 20 major hip-hop news channels.

HOODX Black: Are you interested in independent film? Are you an independent film director? This is certainly a channel you want to tune into as it airs independent movies and films from directors worldwide.  HOODX Black currently streams over 100 of the latest urban movies and independent films all day throughout the year.

Alfonzo has created a gem for independent artists and is eager to assist you in utilizing his platform to further your exposure and career. He knows what struggle is like as he worked from the ground up also. From being a homeless war veteran to an accomplished business owner, Alfonzo is fully aware of the hard work, dedication, passion, and sacrifice it takes to change your life.

Alfonzo originally distributed videos in Chicago and then expanded to New York and California. As his network lengthened, Alfonzo soon received hundreds of videos from independent artists whom yearned for the opportunity to have their video placed on Television. After much success, he now distributes videos to over twenty cities across the country.

It has been during such hard times this year, that Alfonzo has renovated his innovative work ethic to ensure he has multiple streams of revenue. He plans to stay ahead of the curve by continuing expansion by making certain that he assists as many artists as possible.

It is extremely rare to come in contact with a business man whom is so passionate about helping the independent artists. If there is one thing I continuously mention in my articles, it is the importance of promotion and marketing. This is a creative, effective, and smart way to get your music heard, increase your fan base, and have your music video on over one million cable boxes throughout the country. As you prepare to pay for another add via social media or schedule your next post with the most up-to-date hashtags, ask yourself, “Is this going to reach one million people like it would if it were on HOODX?” If your answer is no, click on the links below to learn how to submit your video for distribution today.

Get your song in rotation here https://www.fiverr.com/kungblao/play-your-song-on-the-radio-for-up-to-6-months 

Sign up for HOODX.com: http://hood-x.ning.com/main/authorization/signUp?

Get interviewed on HOODX's international show by clicking here: http://https://rb.gy/rm3wlk

Listen to HOODX Radio: myradiostream.com/hoodx

Join HOODX Radio Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1653277941593470/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HOODXTV


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