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"Screen Friend" by Ran Blacc

 Have you seen the Premiere of "Screen Friend" by Ran Blacc of Crown Music, feat. the Lovely Carolynn Rawles? This is definitely another hit to add to the list of timeless pieces from Crown Music. With it's catchy hook and flow, you'll have this one on repeat!!

Ran Blacc Premieres "Screen Friend", his latest single, with a short documentary, giving you a behind the scenes look at the concept that led to this Hit Single. As busy as we get in life, sometimes the little time we do have for any type of relationship is thru our phones, making that person our "Screen Friend".

This single was very well promoted, making the anticipation for it's release well worth the wait! Any true Crown Music Fan will tell you that Crown has once again exceeded their expectations! The whole concept of this track from the very beginning as an idea, to the delivery of its's Premiere was very well planned and executed, proving to the world that CROWN IS HERE TO STAY!


Hit up the link, stream on all platforms, & Enjoy! 

Much Love & Respect, Naomi G.

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