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Ash-Lynn Releases Captivating New Single "The Definition"

Written by: Julz Mancini

As a female artist, different obstacles present themselves throughout the duration of one's career. There are so many layers to a woman's life from being a wife and mother to working a nine to five. Some, unfortunately, lose sight of their passions and dreams, leaving themselves for last. Others, however, run to the finish line no matter how slow or fast...as long as they make it. Many of you can relate to a time when you left your passion on the back burner for something or someone else. It is during those times when we have felt the most lost; felt a disconnect from our true selves. Ash-Lynn is an artist whom grasped onto her gift with all of her might with intentions of never letting go regardless of the adversities that stood in her way.

Putting her music to the side for her marriage, Ash-Lynn is now determined to make up for lost time with her new single "The Definition". Her confidence, sex appeal, and unique flow shine through as the listener vibes to her song.

"When they think of a bad b*tch, they got the wrong idea. Give me this and Give me that. That be all I hear. Nothin' special about designer cause that's all I wear."

"The Definition" is a song that can be deemed as a woman's anthem. The hook is catchy and allows women to relate with Ash-Lynn's message. There is more to being a "bad b*tch" than what a person can see at face value. Anyone can say they are doing big things. But it is the action behind those words that holds weight. Also known as the "Turn Up Queen", Ash-Lynn portrays that she is different from the rest, not only through her music, but also via Instagram. She is the life of the party, with a beautiful physical appearance and strong presence and energy.

With her new single gravitating towards new fans and supporters daily, this is certainly not the last you will see and hear from this talented artist. Be sure to stream her new single "The Definition" and get better acquainted with her on Instagram! Click on the links below!



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