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$urferr Gold - Ready 2 Go

$urferr Gold grew up in Detroit,USA until the age of 9, it was this age that his single mother relocated the family to Atlanta,Ga. For the next 11 Years $urferr Gold struggled to find his way in Atl all while honing his rap skills and writing skills. Once $urferr Gold dropped out of High School to commit to his music full time, his career started taking off. To date $urferr Gold has amassed a humble following of core fans who watch and listen to everything the rapper releases. True $urferr Gold fans will tell you that as great of an artist as $urferr Gold is, he's constantly upping his game and pushing the boundaries of rap music and the genre as a whole. We are excited to watch his rise to success and fame just as you should be. One thing is for certain, $urferr Gold makes great music that real people can relate to.

Instagram : @thawtfulrecords

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