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Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and rapper PJ Sin Suela keeps his fans on their toes by releasing a catchy bilingual track that showcases his dominance and ability to write and rap in English entitled "Duolingo".
Coming from a bilingual or "Spanglish" background in Puerto Rico, PJ Sin Suela, also known as Pedro Juan Vazquez, is constantly changing his sounds and switching up his elements that allow him to reach a diverse audience. With "Duolingo" he implements complex metrics and witty punchlines,

"Duolingo" thrives with a heavy bass, screaming samples, and fast drums that will have you driving a little bit too fast while "bopping" your head at the same time. From "Pleader", a collaboration with Alt-J in English, to "Cuál Es Tu Plan", ft. Bad Bunny and Ñejo in Spanish, you'll notice "Duolingo" feels like a mix of both.

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