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NFE- "The Dynamic Duo"


Written by: Julz Mancini 

Possessing a strong presence while recording, performing, and networking is crucial to every artist’s career. It takes approximately seven seconds for a person to acquire their first impression of you. As mentioned in several articles I have written, marketability and promotion are of the utmost importance. How your audience perceives, not only your music, but your brand as a whole, determines your fate as an artist. When introduced to the dynamic duo, “NFE”, it was clear from the beginning that this group had a well-rounded comprehension of the music business. From their songs, website, documentary, and immaculate resume, I was drawn to them; intrigued to learn and hear more.

As I dove into their music, there were many genres that came to mind. Hip-Hop, Rock, Latin, and acoustic music all filled my ears at once. While listening to their music, it was easy to picture them performing at any venue due to their versatility. Unique, eclectic, and diverse are all words that perfectly describe NFE. I am going to say this; as I write this article and listen to their song, “Dynamic Duo”, I find myself dancing in my seat. This song consists of strong lyrics and upbeat production. “The pain, the grind, the hurt, the sweat, the tears, the love, the dynamic duo,” is what NFE yells on the hook, capturing the attention of the listener as they sing along. I can picture the group performing this song on stage while the audience remains hypnotized by their energy. I can guarantee the reader will enjoy this track. I strongly suggest you check it out. Staying true to their roots, NFE also released a song titled, “Tequila”. This track is an upbeat, Latin tune that will definitely have the listener moving. It is the perfect summer jam that has every party turned up. With “Tequila” having over five thousand streams and a huge out-pour of support from their fan-base, rest assured that NFE will be releasing more amazing music soon.

After enjoying NFE’s song catalog, I felt compelled to watch their documentary titled, “Off Off Broadway”. This 25 minute visual gives the viewer amazing insight into NFE’s journey. Learning about their roots, their family, their obstacles, and so much more, this documentary allows the viewer to appreciate their craft on a different level. Throughout all of their trials and tribulations, they had the privilege of meeting, Walter Bridgers, whom they now consider their mentor. “Every day you should try to make some kind of small accomplishment. Follow through on it. Because once you make these small accomplishments, it leads you to bigger accomplishments”, Bridgers stated during the film. With an additional positive male figure by their side, they were able to foresee a music career and a better life than they could have ever imagined.

An artist’s backstory shows where they have been versus where they are now. What better way to see their growth, passion, and determination? Envision an individual you know from five years ago. Has their situation changed? Have they grown? Have you seen progress? When learning about music artist’s, these are the questions I ask myself. Remaining stagnant should be non-existent especially when it comes to the art of music as it is forever evolving.

NFE’s music is only touching the surface to what these men are capable of. Being entrepreneurs, King Neptune and Lord Aries have been able to utilize their skills sets to become part of the film industry working closely with Alex Hugo to put together a web series titled, “Bully”. In addition to film, NFE stepped into the fashion industry by becoming brand ambassadors for “Infinite Inferno” while also collaborating with their mentor to design the famous Bogo L Fashions. While reading, listening, and watching all of the content NFE provides their fans with, I have no doubt in my mind that their audience relates to the group and consistently awaits more music, film, fashion, and inspiration. Be sure to check out NFE on all platforms if you want to experience pure artistry.



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