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Off The Record with Producer / Engineer Chris Jocko of UpNorth Enterprise

IMM - Off The Record with Producer / Engineer Chris Jocko of UpNorth Enterprise On Meeting Al Papers, speaks on Ace Porters 'Down Fall' record and Syracuse Hip - Hop

Chris Jocko is making waves in the Salt City despite the harsh realities of poverty and gun violence among the youth in the city of Syracuse, New York. Music is an outlet and escape for so many upcoming independent artists on the Syracuse Hip-Hop scene hoping to make it out!

Question 1: On meeting Al Papers and what type of relationship you've formed with this artist? 

Answer : I meet Al Papers thru music him and I linked up about 1.5 - 2 yrs ago. From there we sat down and made a few tracks together that debut number 5 on various mixtapes and a movie soundtrack with 'Right Now' by Tommy Taxes Ft Al Papers in 'The People's Champ' a movie filmed here in the city of Syracuse where he also made his very first acting debut in a  Shamroc Dancil Film. There is always good connection and great vibes when we work together. Initially, we both felt the same hunger in our music and began working together we're like family now he's the BIG BRO!  

Question 2: Working on the 'Down Fall' with Ace Porter what was that experience like? 

Answer : Mixing and Enigerring the 'Down Fall' record for Ace Porter was yet another special moment for me I got to be apart of Ace Porters lead single off his up coming (A.O.D) Aces On Deck. Ace, is an amazing artist and always pushes himself to always be a better mc to  improve his craft. It is always a pleasure to work with him. 'Down Fall' Ft Al Papers also made it's first Top 5 mixtape debut on Clear The Block 358 Mixtape that was yet another BIG WIN to follow up after the Super Star Saturday Showcase 2nd place Win in Philly at the Voltage Lounge last year they brought the win back home to the city! 

Question 3: What does the Syracuse Hip - Hop scene look like to you and do you think the artists from the 3won5 need to do put to the cuse on the map? 

Answer : The rap scene in syracuse is based on alot of diversed independent artists striving for their voices to be heard in this region of Upstate New York or what many referr to as (CNY) Central New York. Many artists in Syracuse don't work togther often. Alot of isolation... from what I see. I strongly believe if we just came togther as whole more opportunities would come forth...Syracuse needs more musical managers to help us break out in a major way to help put our city on the map! 

Question 4: Who is Chris Jocko and Upnorth Enterprises? 

Answer : Chris jocko is a Rapper/Engineer from Syracuse, New York and also a native from Cornwall Island.I am indian and white who has great love for my culture and traditions. Music to me isn't just something I do as a hobby, It's my passion, It's my second love and my remedy for releasing my pain thru each track I record. However, don't get it twisted I create all types of music from different musical genres. I love making music as a whole.

Upnorth Enterprises is the Label and welcomes all. It all began with three family members after one of our cusents passed away we felt our voices were truth and could bring joy to all the ears around. Also, we just loved Hip - Hop always have and always will! Just creating something from your vioce for millions to listen too is a gift we share with the world and will continue to share always! That's our motto!  Upnorth Enterprises consists of 3 artists and myself that hold the Upnorth Enterprise Label near and dearly to our hearts Myself Chris Jocko, Corey Jocko, Dolla Bands and Flex On The Beat Squaad. 

Question 5: What can we look forward to from Chris Jocko and Upnorth Enterprises in the coming months and not to distant future? 

Answer : To answer your last question we have alot of mixtapes and singles dropping this summer from Upnorth Enterprises and various projects with other artists we have recently collaborated with. Also, a few music videos in the works be on the look for those. Got some radio air play around the world and looking to work with everybody so please let's unite and don't hesitate to email me @ cashsamehustle22@gmail.com if your interested in collaborating on a track or just need some mixing and mastering done contact us Upnorth Enterprise anytime. Special thanks to International Music Magazine for the time and opportunity to be featured in this issue. 

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Jocko

YouTube: Upnorth Enterprise 
Facebook: Chris Jocko 

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