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Thee Kidd

Kyron Brewington, professionally known as Thee Kidd, was born to La'rhonda Espie and Karl Brewington in Los Angeles on October 12, 1997. In his early years, Thee Kidd was raised by his mom. He was then raised by his grandmother in Inglewood, California throughout middle and high school. Thee KIDD took an interest in rapping during his junior year of high school with his friend, Jai Reese. Over time, he
created the group Trolley Gang. Being apart of Trolley Gang means staying motivated and always
grinding. Thee Kidd lists his influences as the "OG's of Cali" such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre.
Recently, the young rapper has signed to Its Gorgeous Musique and has released his first single titled
First Place and plans to release an EP with the label.


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