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The United Music Mafia (UMM)

The United Music Mafia (UMM) was formed in 2020 when GL Recordz and Royal Rich Entertainment were amalgamated into United Music Mafia. Sean Whitlow aka "Big Sean, Da Homie" and Kristen Whitlow aka “Lady Low” are the couple behind the formation of UMM in April 2020. Being a sub-division of Young Fie (YF) Entertainment, it distributes fresh and new releases by artist and product placement of producers worldwide. UMM is committed to bringing new compositions and fresh talent/fresh faces into the limelight. United Music Mafia’s focus is on creating and giving exposure to new talent, be it the artists, producers, or DJs. Their objective is to provide artists with marketing and promotional facilities. Artists that collaborate with their label can expect both professional terms and homely privileges. The music trend has changed a lot with time. UMM promises a whole lot of fun in the future with more and more concerts, parties, and showcases. UMM’s crew members consist of the founder and CEO- Big Sean "Da Homie", Speed Racer K, DJ Prophecy & Sam Armstrong aka “SKA”. Based in Tampa, Florida, the United Music Mafia also runs a podcast by the title “The Rant”. UMM is a big brand in itself, it engages in events and movements as sponsors and helps in promoting a cause or showcasing an aspiring artist. They manufacture clothing as well under their label. Sean Whitlow believes that when the world of music is so much diversified and there are “N” number of artists waiting to turn some heads with their refreshing and mind-boggling feel of music with some groovy some soothing beats, then why not give them the chance they righteously deserve and utilize these human resources into something big that is beneficial to both the label and the artist. UMM’s signature statement is “WE ARE THE FUTURE OF MUSIC”.  

Q: What type of recording deals do you offer to artists?
The different type of record deals that I offer are SRD (Standard Record Deals), 360 Deals, Single Deal, and partnerships. We also offering marketing and promotional deals.

Q: Does your Record Label have a (publicist, manager, booking agent, lawyer, etc.) proven themselves to be competent in the roles they currently occupy?
We currently have publicist, managers, and lawyers, but I am looking for a booking agent. Far as the team, everyone is very competent. I took my time building a solid foundation. Everyone plays their positions and I think this is important in an organization like this. But we al have the same vision and a common goal to achieve and that is what is important to me.

Q: How has your Record Label built your artist or group fanbase?
United Music Mafia has started building a large fan base. I am happy for all the support that everyone has been giving us. The label has only been in operation for almost a month and the support that we have received is crazy… I am pumped and can’t wait to see what we can do by the end of the year.

Q: What's the genre style of your Record Label?

The genre’s the we currently produce on the label are rap, hip/hop, trap, and RnB. But I don’t want to just limit myself to these genres. I am currently looking for metal and pop artists.

Q: Name recent milestone your Record Label has recently accomplished?
The most recent milestone that United Music Mafia has accomplished is we recently signed 4 artists and we have started our own clothing line, “UMM”.

Q: What can the label do for artists that they cannot currently do on their your own and why?
What the label can do for the artist that he/she cannot do for themselves is we bring a larger platform for the artist. I always tell people, “Everyone needs somebody”. There are things that a brand can do that someone that is not connected or branded can do. For example, an artist wants to put out music. Is someone going to take the artist serious if they just put out music under their name. No, so when an artist has an established brand behind them people are more likely to take them serious.

More information can be found on their website unitedmusicmafia.com.


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