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Suave Toronto - Anymore

Suave Toronto Being Scouted By OVO & Drake? Sources Hint So!

our playlist aren’t doing you justice when handed the aux cord on group car trips. You lack the wow factors your friends present when showing the gang a new found artist. You’re cold, embarrassed, thinking “how could I ever compete with such cool friends?”. Say no more...

Suave Toronto is Canada’s very own hidden heat on the rise. Ranging from Rap/Hip-Hop, Rnb and reggae, friends and family are sure to have a different level of respect for you after you teach them how to handle the aux cord. The artist, more known as “Suave” has collaborations with Billboard artist such as Yung Bans, Diego Money and is set to to hit charts with expected release of his latest project “20”. With much anticipation on social media and with major releases on the SoundCloud platform, we are definitely setting Suave Toronto on a watchlist.

If you seek delivery, diversity, punchlines, crazy flow transitions or storytelling. Even if you are searching for your next TikTok dance, you can find the whole package delivered through his music. The tales of living with fast cars, nice houses, traveling, the experiences of life, loyalty and partnership have all been displayed with imagery and crossed with metaphors only the ones who seek similar lifestyles would understand.

You can catch him in the “Glare” on is latest project 19 out now on all streaming platforms and follow Suave on his journey through his Instagram.

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“In memory of dalton newrick”
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