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Lil Savvy First Song Ever named “NBA” dedicated to him beating stage 4 cancer

In the song “NBA” by lil savvy he says “lm just trying to ball like it’s the NBA, that cancer tried to destroy my DNA, but it’s gone be ok, but it’s gone be ok,” when Lil Savvy made that record that was his first song after he beat cancer. He was still recovering during this time , this song was made around 2018 while he was just completing treatment. Lil savvy was kind of confused during this time because he was still in love with hiphop. Now he is doing hiphop gospel so he is changing his content up a little. The nba video featured some of his friends and a couple Atlanta models. He named the song NBA because Lil Savvy has been a hooper his whole life so it only made sense to name the song NBA because that’s what he love to watch. He also says in the song “I’m just trying to ball like it’s the NBA” , when he says ball he is saying like hustle , make money, live life , not actually playing basketball. But that’s the slang terminology. This song NBA by Lil Savvy goes down as one of his first records on his catalogue, you can check the music video out as well. Keep in mind this was lil savvy first song made , and he just had got off chemothearpy. He was restricted from so many things that he just wanted to have fun making music with friends and doing a video , now he is taking his career very serious and plans to get verified of all platforms and do shows all around the country.

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