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B Blacc - Stay Hot

Biography of BBLACC Bernard H. Nubine well known by the fans and followers of his music as BBLACC song writer, producer of R&B, Hip Hop and a well known MC from Denver Colorado. BBLACC just recently wrote a single called "I Like It." This song was written as his signature debut to introduce BBLACC to the world. Bernard was born into a loving Christian family with the same passion for music. At an early age Bernard began to develop his talent vocally and instrumentally; He learned to play the piano, saxophone and his most favorite instrument of all "the drums". In high school Bernard advanced musically within his participation in city-wide choir, band and theater. In his early 20's and 30's he has written and produced over 500 songs, starred in 10 videos and played a part in a film called, "Grit City" as a crooked detective. BBLACC has worked with many well known artists such as Benzino, Prodigy of South Central Cartel and Jayo Felony just to name a few. In September 2004 BBLACC was featured in the source mag.
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