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Exclusive Interview With Chef Stew

Exclusive Interview 
With Chef Stew

1. Where are you from? and introduce your self.
artistecard.com/chefstewchef_stew igcelebchefstew on twitterrobert stewart on facebook.
2. Is it difficult to be a chef?
i am a celebrity chef.
3. who are you inspired by?
my grandmother.

4. Where can readers find you and your recipes.
you can find me at chefstew.com
or on marriage bootcamp season 16 hiphop edition.

5.what makes you different from a lot of other chef?
i am a chef i can cook and i stay in my own lane.

6. Tell us about your upcoming project.
i was on marriage bootcamp hiohop edition season 16and now currently on food network.
7. What is your biggest accomplishment as a chef?
The biggest accomplishment was cooking for shaq ,jasmineguy,and tichinia arnold
8. Any message to your fans?
They should book me for there next record label release party,wedding,fashion show,baby shower any of your catering needs.
chef_stew ig
celebchefstew twitter
robert stewart on facebook
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