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1. Where are you from? and introduce your self.I go by the name of SLXCK (Slick) and I’m from LA California.
2. Is it difficult to be a rapper?it isn’t difficult being a rapper, when you’re actually speaking on real events, and situations . i write about the emotions I go through or that im about to go through.
3.who are you inspired by?One of my biggest inspirations is Tory Lanez just due to the fact that I could relate to his lifestyle. I’m also influenced by Drake, Young Thug, And Party Next Door.
4.what music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music.You could find my latest on SoundCloud at SoundCloud.com/700slxck.
5. what makes you different from a lot of artist?what’s better than a versatile west coast native ? im someone that’ll go above and beyond to perfect a single , im someone that competitors hate to compete with . what’s worse than a artist you THINK you have to watch due to the stigma on my name and my skin color . what makes me different is i live in my name.
6. Tell us about your upcoming project.I have another upcoming single titled “CRAZY” thats soon to come in April 2020, that touches how my experiences are with crazy psychotic toxic women.
7.What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper?My biggest accomplishment was actually staying consistent and capitalizing as a rapper first , because i could do a lot of other things, like play sports or be in the business field . but music has always had a grip on me.
8.Any message to your fans?
Stay Dangerous & Live Slxck.
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