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1. Where are you from? and introduce your self.
My name is Will Love hip hop artist originally from New Orleans currently residing in Charleston, SC.

2. What made you think that you should pursue music as a career?
I didn’t grow up with much family and I needed something to turn to. Music was always therapy for me, I was able to pen my pain and turn it into a passion for me. Just the feeling it gave me after writing something. I felt a healing. A sense of relief with each new bar, verse, or song that I created.

3. Is it difficult to be a rapper?
 It’s difficult for others I see them struggle because they are sacrificing authenticity. They are not themselves and it’s hard to keep up with that everyday. I’m one of the few artists and note that I said artist, that get to wake up everyday and hop in the studio and just be myself. Doing something that’s natural is ultimately effortless and easy. They are pressured by their peers, public perceptions, the thought of having clothes, jewelry to look and be a certain way. I don’t need or seek validation from something man made , I seek validation by the truth from the heart. Either it was or it wasn’t.

4. Tell us about your upcoming project.
February is the month of Love and I’ll be releasing the L.O.V.E EP. This is a heartfelt collection of truth, growth, and overall Love. All production is pure vibes and strategically placed and the lyrics crafted were made straight from the heart.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper?
My biggest accomplishment honestly is my continuous growth. I see no end in sight, and just the longevity and for me to still be here and growing and getting better with each song is an accomplishment for me. A lot of guys get burned out and lose the touch. But for 10 years now I’ve only evolved into God Gifted Artist that’s steady growing.

6. Any message to your fans?
To all my fans remember this always and forever whatever I’m doing and who ever I’m doing it with. It will always be from a place of LOVE.


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