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Daylon Roy

Daylon Roy was born in Everett,WA. He's been writing poetry since he was 11 years old. So when he first started to make music he felt he had the basics down. He first started taking his music seriously in 2012. About the time his Mom passed away. I guess you can say it was mostly like counseling. He learned everything he know from Watching other Local and non local artists that he would look up to. Example: Freight Train McConnell, DMX, Nas, Mac Dre...later on more of: T.I, Cam'ron, Meek Mill and Macklemore had a good influence on his music at a younger age. As he got older he start to see that he faded from trying to follow those styles and started to create his own. He's a pretty chill person who grew up all over the place...constantly moving. So he wanted his style to evolve around that will slow beats and deep Lyrics.
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