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West coast Don Wade

(pronounced wah-DAY), after years of working on the production and label ownership side of the industry, drops his new hotly awaited solo project “Rubbin Elbows”.
The “Rubbin Elbows” project is currently the hottest album on the streets of the southwest. Wade just extended the single “Can’t Ball Like Us” featuring Layz and west coast veteran Yog Westwood, from its amazing 21 song dossier.

Wade started out falling in love with music as a child and began studying groups and different sounds and samples. He got into Dj’ing as a teenager and began producing recordings shortly
after that. After many years of production and spinning at parties, he began to write and operate in the artist side of things. Later, along with his brother, he formed his own label, Live Umbrella
Entertainment, which he runs today with his
brothers. As President of Live Umbrella, he currently operates as an artist,
spearheaded his own album release and has also signed many other artists to the Live Umbrella family.

Get your hands on the “Rubbin Elbows” album project. It is available on all streaming platforms
NOW. More to come from the Live Umbrella Family.


1. Lets start this interview out 1. how long you have been making music?
I've been into music ever since I can remember. My uncle Cleve use to have crates of records back in the day. My cousin and I use to sit and listen to old school music all day, from Parliament to the Isley Brother's. He used to put on a record and quiz us on who he was playing and gave us history on the particular groups. It was fun but that's when I got into music. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old.

2. When did you first realized you loved music and wanted to make it as a career?
It's funny because I started DJ ing at about 13, doing house parties  and getting paid for something I like to do. After that I purchased a keyboard a Triton. I got into making beats, dibbled and dabbled in writing rhymes, but wasn't into it as much as I loved making beats. Over time I became more comfortable writing and then made a couple songs but I still needed to sharpen my skills. It wasn't until about 2yrs ago I actually got really serious again at recording creating my own style. I practiced hard, stayed working and started to develop into who I am with the help of my LIVE UMBRELLA family. Now i'm ready to do this so here I am.

3. Whats the biggest obstacle you faced growing up as a musician?
The biggest obstacle i faced in my music career I would say is not being able to be comfortable in my own confinement doing what I do. I went to prison for 6yrs and got out and everything was different. From people making beats off fruity loops to the technology and different things you could do became so much better. So I had to start from scratch and get my equipment up build a studio in my backyard from the ground up. After that it was time to get in gear. Me and my cousin Ice formed a team of lyricist and we began to create great music.

4. Is there anyone in the industry you would like to work with in the future?
In the future I would love to create music with Dr.Dre. He is the person I look up to the most as far as a true pioneer of the music I make today. He had a vision as I do, of what I'm bringing to the table of Arizona hip hop.

His name speaks for itself. The business man he became, the people who he had so much
influence on, their careers and where they at now. Snoop, Eminem, 50, The Game and a host of others he helped flourish into what they are now. So yea Dr.Dre is the blue print of where I come from and what I want to establish.

5. Whats is your biggest accomplishment so far as an independent artist?
My biggest accomplishment is releasing my first album Rubbin Elbows. It's an album I worked hard on, created along with my family Maine Ingredient who pretty much did the production on my entire album. I had a vision to bring and bridge the gap in Arizona hip hop by bringing established artist that been in the music industry for a while, together on one album. We made the album great in that collective effort. I'm thankful and appreciate everyone who was a part of this album.

6. Any last work or anything you would like to tell our supporters and fans before we end this interview?
I’d just like to say tuned, the best is yet to come. I speak on behalf of Arizona hip hop. We have so much talent in our state and numerous artist that deserve the national recognition, even possibly worldwide. I'm focused on a goal and that's to one day see our state united in the hip hop community pushing as one and us as a whole representing and supporting each other creating a movement. That's the goal. AZ stand up 100. I appreciate all the love and support #RUBBINELBOWS let's get it.

The Wade album release “Rubbin Elbows” is available now on all major platforms.



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