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(NYC) -- Brooklyn-bred retro-R&B duo WEAREPIXALIEN will be releasing their debut single “The Gift” on October 4th, 2019. The track is a vibey tribute to the hip-hop and R&B of the 90’s, bringing to mind artists like Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, and Solange. At the same time, WEAREPIXALIEN bring their own electric chemistry as a duo to the track, separating themselves from artists of the past, and carving out their own futuristic sound. The single is part one in a four-part series of thematic singles.

Ayanda Sunshine (lead vocalist) had this to say about “The Gift” : “The song is about day to day acts of love told from a woman's (Ayanda’s) perspective. There is glamour in singing about sex, money and fancy cars, but for us and many people love is realizing your best self and bringing that person to your relationship on a daily basis. We are singing our story but the lyrics of ‘The Gift’ crosses gender, cultural, and sexual boundaries to apply to everyone.”

Ayanda also spoke about the production of the track, and her chemistry with bandmate Zip Leathers: “Zip and I are a great production team. He handles the music production, I handle the vocal production and we both are strong songwriters. We grew up at the same time in the same Brooklyn hood, went to the same schools. so it’s easy to communicate and reach that magic vibe. When we create I bring my Caribbean influences and he brings his Southern. It meshes together and really creates that special energy that can only come out of Flatbush, Brooklyn. We recorded ‘The Gift’ at 75B Studios our private studio after a long night.”

Zip Leathers describes the group’s sound as “a resurgence to a past era with modern style. Ayanda holds a degree Caribbean style and I hold an affinity to golden era hip-hop development, culture, and style. We are branded under the 75B studios (label) umbrella.”

Listen to “The Gift” now via Soundcloud before the official release on Spotify and Apple Music on October 4th.

WEAREPIXALIEN is a soulful retro-R&B duo formed by two former classmates from New York City’s public schools. With performances locally and abroad, the duo are busy spreading their alternative R&B stylings coupled with futuristic sounds that descend from nuanced native Brooklynite tongue values.

The name WEAREPIXALIEN is a blend of the words Pixie and Alien, signifying the duo’s creative mystical allies. The Pixie of the group, Ayanda Sunshine, is a classically trained vocalist and songwriter who has performed and recorded with countless musicians.

The Alien half of the duo is gifted songwriter and producer Zip Leathers. Owner of the music house 75B Studios.

WEAREPIXALIEN’s debut EP “WE ARE PIXALIEN” will be released in 2019 across all digital formats. To stay current on all things WEAREPIXALIEN be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official site.

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