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Jonathan Diaz, affectionately known as JayD was born October 25, 1987 right here in his hometown of Chicago, IL.  He spent most of his childhood in the Pilsen area where he completed grade school but soon moved to Cicero, IL where he attended Morton East H.S.

Being the youngest of 4 siblings, JayD developed a passionate love for music. He would fall asleep listening to music while dreaming of the better days ahead.

As JayD became older, he unfortunately made some bad decisions, which led to his incarceration. Those misfortunes would soon lead him to what would be his destiny.

While incarcerated, JayD completed his GED and became friends with a man by the name of Steven Ragsdale, aka Megastar. They have sense developed an unbreakable business relationship which has led to JayD becoming the C0-CEO of Loud Money Music Group, LLC, one of the fastest growing independent labels to come out of the city of Chicago,  Through LMMG, JayD has sat down at the table and made deals with artists such as Hypno Carlito, Crunchy Black of Three 6 Mafia, and El Hitta, just to name a few. He has also had the opportunity to sit with major music executives and record labels such as Def Jam Records in efforts to present LMMG to a wider audience.

JayD has since went on to complete his Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, while minoring in Music Engineering.  With his savvy business sense and sheer will and determination, he has brought a level of business to LMMG that that was needed, through his love of economics, business, and audio engineering.

JayD has two wonderful children, Seth and Lucas, who are very proud of their father and his accomplishments. 

JayD believes this is only the beginning and looks forward to the years ahead.

“Nothing but success will follow me if I keep my head up and my focus on the future, not the past. Nothing can stop us!” -JayD


1. What is music to you?
Music is life... vibes & energy transmitted thru sound waves. We listen to different music based off how we feel and how it makes us feel.

2. What keeps you motivated?
Multiple things keep me motivated. My biggest motivator is my kids. I want to make sure that no matter what, they have everything they could want and need to also have a successful life and future. I will lead them with my example, and provide them with the necessary tools, and teach them everything I know. And I wanna b there whenever they need me till they dont need me anymore. The future is in our hands, we jus gotta grab it and make of it what we want.

But I also have another motivator... and to me it's a very big motivator. And this motivator is tied in with question #4. 1 of my biggest motivators, is all of my haters, anyone & everyone that ever told me I wouldn't b shit, I couldn't do shit, the ppl that told me I'm a dead beat and that I'd never amount to nothing... all of those ppl were my motivator cuz I was and still am determined to prove everyone single 1 of y'all wrong.

3. What do you think about the newcomers joining the entertainment field?
The new comers have alot of work to do. It's a process, and if they wanna stay in the game and not only be a 1 hit wonder, then they have to work and develop their craft.

4. What's the best compliment did you ever got and you still remember it?
My biggest compliment that I ever got was the same compliment I received from multiple ppl at different times fordifferent reasons. And that compliment was: I'm sorry, u made me eat my own words, I take back what I said...
Actions speak louder then words. And my actions will make u eat your words.

5. If given a chance will you work the musicians of 
Pakistan and do some  collaboration on a bigger scale? 
Yes I'm willing to work with anyone that's willing to work with us as a company, Loud Money Music. We offer and provide different products and services and have a network of industry leaders & professionals at our disposal. But just a reminder, it's still business. We always do our best to do good business, but everyone has to do their part and put effort into what they are doing.

6. Any Asian artist that your fan of?
Yea there's multiple, depends what industry we're talking about. Asians are very smart and talented people. A Philippino college buddy of mine is an incredible engineer. He builds and makes all types of cool stuff for example, he made himself a full starwars stormtrooper outfit that looks like the real deal except black instead of white. Works on scale model gundams and streams his work on twitch.
There is also an incredibly talented female Asian rapper from Chicago that i look forward to working with hopefully in near future. Along with many others. God willing everything works out, everyone gonna b hearing alot more about us and her.

7. What have music taught you? 
Music has taught me, that it's good for meditation.
Different sounds for different people.  Different energies for different situations and
circumstances. Whether its sleep, work, homework, party, good times, bad times, it doesn't matter. There's something for everything and everyone. Music is everywhere, we make our own music.

8. Any message to your fans and the readers.
 Anyone and everyone has the potential to be great and to do great things. You jus have to be willing to take the time and put the effort in and dedicate yourself to what u really like and want. Be honest and true to yourself.  It's not about what other ppl think, or want, and dont worry about other people's expectations. Focus on you and your craft. Play by the rules till those rules dont apply to you anymore. And always

9. Your upcoming projects?
Working on alot of things, multiple plans in the works, but can't really give details nor discuss production until it's ready and we ready to talk about it. There's always work being done.

10. Where can all your fans and readers can follow you in social media?
We have multiple social media accounts. All of them tie in
together but I'll share the links :

• facebook.com/JaydWeRise

• facebook.com/Loud

• facebook.com/LmgCustoms

• facebook.com/Verydope

• facebook.com/kushboy

• facebook.com/Megastar

• verydope_promo
• jayd_lmmg
• lmgcustoms
• megastar2414

Even tho I'm not a big fan of Twitter and dont really use Twitter, I'll still add my Twitter link...

Check out Jay D (@WeRiseLmg)
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