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Universal Language Entertainment

Universal Language Entertainment


Universal Language Entertainment and Wiseguy Films announce the release of their new single & video titled “Saturday Night”, available on all major streaming platforms.

“Saturday Night” features Grafik (of Proximity), 5ve, WindchILL, Small Hands, and Jade Elise on vocals, with cuts by GaDet and production by Grafik. The multi-faceted collective of emcees delivers yet another hit, but his one is all about gathering the crew on a Saturday night and letting loose, “full throttle ‘cause fun is my motto.”  




With the regime of a 24/7 hustle and grind even the finest of emcees need a break. The video reenacts what that fun is for each emcee such as a single father dancing in the club but going home alone and sober, and rolling up L’s and spitting some verses.  Whatever your Saturday night entails, “fly loose no matter the flight pattern.”

The production of slight psychedelic undertones with strokes of bass sets the tone for a chill vibe and Saturday night preparations. GaDet adds the perfect dose of mixes and scratches for house party invites.

Universal Language is available for radio interviews, appearances, features, and performances. To schedule reply to to this email or connect directly with the collective at ULMusicBooking@gmail.com.  Enjoy the spin and as always thank you for your continued support. Stay blessed-MJ 


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"Saturday Night" Official Video 
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