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The Summer Jam’ EP

Black Lion Announce the Release of
‘Black Lion: The Summer Jam’ EP

With Leading Single ‘Survive’ Featuring Ray Robinson and Testament


Rich Lindo and brother ‘Heny’ Lindo among other talented artists make up the Hip-Hop Collective Black Lion, which is recognized for their multi-genre fusion of ‘golden era’ of Hip-Hop, Soul, Trap, and Reggae. Through their music, Black Lion delivers conscious lyricism deeply rooted in awareness of societal issues, worldly events, and even historical themes.

‘Survive’, the leading single off ‘Black Lion: The Summer Jam’ EP, is no exception to their incomparable mastery. Rich Lindo of Black Lion links with Ray Robinson and Testament to magnify their pivotal message.

The collective touches upon the universal and problematic themes of struggle, survival, and the know how to overcome it all. The record takes listeners back to the essence and offers hope through resolution of self-worth, power, and agility to weather the most turbulent storms, “I’m overcoming more vices ready for the crisis.”

The hook awakens the soul while classic boom bap mixed with modern elements glorifies the warrior intact lyricism.


Black Lion is available for interviews, appearances, features, and performances. To schedule or for other business inquiries emailBLACKLIONEMPIRE@GMAIL.COM.

Enjoy the spins, and as always thank you for your continued support. Stay blessed -MJ 
Survive MP3
 Black Lion - The Summer Jam MP3s.rar

Stream ‘Survive’ on Spotify & at Black Lion Empire
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