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The new wave of young DMV artist J BLVNT (pronounced Blunt) is here for his Debut
EP, Banton meaning "gifted speech" a unique fusion of in-dept lyrics and fresh outlook
on life and music as he sees it. Banton which drops Sunday, July 7, 2019, dives deep
into the thoughts of 17 year old J BLVNT, from District Heights, Md.
J Blvnt who recently signed to Wickiid Entertainment located in Washington, DC grew
his loyal fanbase from previously dropped single "B.O.M.B.S." Showing an influence of
hard hitting, fearless and outspoken side of this young upcoming artist. Following with a
consistent flow of inspiration drawn from J Cole, Notorious B.I.G, and AZ. With tracks
such as "Prepped Up", "0 Barz" & "Blvnt Minds" J BLVNT paints a picture in your mind
and keep you wanting more.
With a clear focus on lyricism, physical art like painting and drawings as well as
community activism it could be said that J BLVNT is the new hope to encounter the
renaissance of talents. Just in his Prime J BLVNT is the clear example of a new
generation placing unlimited depth on creativity through brilliant lyricism relating to

others through personal experiences and feelings of heartbreak, social circles, spoken
relentlessly in storytelling.
In anticipation of his upcoming debut full length EP, J BLVNT released the summer jam
"Got Time" on website www.jblvnt.com and YouTube . Banton, Ep is a lyrical project
that bring back the true classic feel of hip hop.
J BLVNT is an independent american hip hop artist from District, MD signed to independent
Label Wickiid Entertainment Located in Washington, DC. "Banton" is currently available on
all digital platforms and music video will be released July 9, 2019.

Social Media
Instagram- J_blvnt
YouTube: J Blvnt Channel
Twitter: J_Blvnt
Soundcloud: J Blvnt
Spotify: J Blvnt
Itunes: J Blvnt
Website: wwww.jblvnt.com
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