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Popularly known as Wright Way Jay, the inspired musical talent is passionate about creating
relatable songs grounded in creativity. His music is greatly influenced by his life before
venturing fully into the entertainment industry. From a humble beginning, Jay tremendous effort
in his hustle to see that he eventually lived his dream— music.
Firstly, he worked three jobs in a small town where he resided. At the time, he was faced with
devastating relationship issues from his home, had to deal with a sick dad, and sadly, the pain
from watching his mom foot all the bills. Endowed with a self-motivating personality, Jay leaned
on to his musical dream for a breakthrough. Subsequently, he was presented with several
employment opportunities but continually turned them down . He was indecisive of a career
choice, and so, he decided to move to a nearby town to have a fresh start. This decision wasn’t in
his favor as he had to steal food to survive. Jay had to go back home and move on with a career
in truck driving. A year later, his mom came down with breast cancer but got better with time.
With his mom’s improved health, he moved to a bigger city in South Carolina called Charleston.
He got a job with a truck company, and within a year, he emerged successfully as an independent
contractor and owner. With his newly found means of survival, Jay takes care of himself
alongside his parents. Most importantly, he reinvests his earnings to start up his musical career.

From a dying dad to making an honest living for himself, Jay leveraged these experiences as a
stepping stone to reach his dreams. Jay looks forward to bracing the entertainment industry with
his honed musicality and hopes that he could also inspire them with his story. Wright Way Jay
enthusiastically looks forward to storming the music world.

Twitter @wrightwayjay1
Instagram @wrightwayjay

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