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Lorde Kale

Mi’kale Bradley known as Lorde Kale born and raised in Chicago Illinois. One of the hottest up
and coming rap artist in the United States.His biggest role models are Drake and A boogie Wit A
Hoodie both of these artists are versatile and he wanted to be a top artist with versatility. Orde
Kale feels he will be able to continue a dominant level of music consistently for years, especially
because he just turned 21 in March. Lorde Kale has been making music for 15 months now and
his skills increase daily he has a burning passion for music that won’t ever go away. Lorde
Kales goal is to become a legend, someone who improves his fans life’s with knowledge and
the hottest songs.Lorde Kale has always had music as a part of his life, first was his cousin who
also makes music StonyRoc. He would always come around from age 7-16 rapping his songs
and letting Lorde kale hear the new music which always made him enjoy music. When Lorde
Kale got older it became something They were able to bond on and used music to help each
other make a big name in this game. H2O is my brand it represents water and the reason I
picked that is water is essential to life and all things grow from it I was to spark growth with my
music and my message.

Lord Kale later used that idea to turn. H2O into his own independent
brand/label to drop his first album Splash essential to life on all major streaming platforms he
havs 5 singles on all major streams. Also a SoundCloud with a little under 200k totaled from 10
songs. By June 26th Lord Kale will have an EP which is a 7 track dropped on all major streams,
to find any of his music google or search Lorde Kale. “I am a young man who has experienced a
lot of ups and downs but I always try to take a lesson if each situation to help me progress” Lord
Kale feels he is just not a hot new artist but the best new artist and only his body of work from
this point can speak for that.

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