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FIGI who is FIGI I’m an artist a visionary a family man and etc I’ve always had a ear for music
but not just music different sounds and things like that I really started to put more effort into
rapping about 6 months ago when I dropped my first single “boss shit” music just comes
naturally to me I believe either you have it or you don’t i recently just dropped a project Called
“different worlds” and be on the lookout for my first music video which is coming soon

My favorite artist are dreaddy, Jeff (aka young thug), DON DRE, and FIGI of course these are
my favorite artist because they’re original and when you hear them you know it’s them you can’t
mistake them for anyone else young thug has been my favorite artist since I was introduced to
rap he really paved the way for a lot of diversity in the rap game his sound is just so unique and
on another level that’s why all the “lil” rappers sound like him

I’m hoping I can do something I genuinely love which is making music and use it to also expand
my knowledge of different cultures I wanna travel and see different places and learn new
languages so I can talk to my fans all over the world I know I’m up next and that music will give
me so many opportunities and open so many doors so I can take care of my family and it not
have to be a job I’m here to take care of mines and be the best ever to do this

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