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Turbovinny Artist Bio  Cincinnati, Ohio, born and raised, Turbovinny (Rap Artist/Songwriter)
knew at an early age that music would be his way to a better life for himself and his family.
And after performing for the first time at age 9, he realized that he had the talent to take him
to the next level. Brought up by a hard working mother and the unforgiving streets of

Vinny’s music and his lyrics represent stories from a life that is real. Through it
all, from street life to music, Vinny believes that he survived it by the grace of God. So he
titled his first solo project and the first song on the CD, God Is Great. On this amazing work of
art, that was not properly promoted due to turbovinny catching 2 year prison term.
Turbovinny tells his story and the story of so many others like him who lived a street life and
what it took to change and chase their dreams. 

The CD was produced by Tight Inklyfe Jones and Cashoutbeatz. 
it was complimented by a mini-series of music videos, still available on
YouTube, inspired, filmed and directed by friend and artistic adviser/director, Stoop Videos.
Each song title and the video that accompanies it tell a part of the story of this
transformation, through the depths of hell, to seeing and predicting a better future and the
reality of the loss, pain, and struggle along the way. 

Turbo is a dynamic artist, performing live on stages from coast to coast and constantly working and creating new music,
logging incountless studio hours with his engineer and producers Tight Jones, and Cashoutbeatz.
Vinny is an inspiration to young people and to all people, in the streets looking for a way out,
seeking some kind of hope to hold on to. His music speaks to anyone who has had to
struggle through a life change or who still may be struggling through that change.

Vinny foresees a bright future for his music and wants to encourage others who are in the struggle
to "keep faith". “My life is real”, says Vinny, and so is his music. It’s time for the world to hear
Turbovinny. Turbos current project i he has out now is “Trapformation”, available alll major
media outlets. TurboVinny is currently booking features and performances with both local
and national artists. Follow him on IG @turbovinny1 and on FB @Turbovinny1 vinnykaveli .
For booking and collaboration email: buxx513@gmail.com

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