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A vision that started from the south side of Chicago (Chicago Heights), To dreams becoming reality. MoneyReece always loved hip hop due in parts of his big brothers, and realities of the street life. Money Reece started his 1st group in 2009, called U.T.C.. Due to cases, jail time, difference in creativity, they went different ways in the group, but his passion for music kept his determination to strive for to the world to know his name.

When Money Reece was released he shot right back into the lab, let everything built up inside of him out. Recording I was searching for my one The song that would get Money Reece that huge buzz. Millionaire, was the one. Money Reece 1st single off his upcoming solo album is getting major buzz, and getting recognition (love for all his people in the world supporting him) Money Reece ready to drop a couple more singles to see how the buzz will be about his upcoming album Trap-A-Thon.
Money Reece ultimate goal is to get a major deal and would love to tour and perform live for the people who put him in this place. Money Reece hopes to get great reviews on his next upcoming singles, and know Trap-A-Thon is on da way. Money Reece keeps pumping this passion in his music and hope for the long love back. Follow Money Reece on instagram @MoneyReeceLafare he will always follow back and love and reply back to all feedback. "Love to my fans"

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