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CLV$$ - Grit

CLV$$ is a Brooklyn based rapper and engineer extraordinaire. With a style that resembles JCole, JiD and a bit of Odd Future, CLV$$ is quickly paving his own lane as the fruits of years spent molding his own style are now ready to be drop!

If hes not in the booth, he balls deep in another creative purist. Whether its opening eatery's in upstate NY or collaborating with clothing designers to bring his own style and taste to life, CLV$$ looks to bring together the creative community as a force of inspiration and good - for those in need.

If you fuck with positive vibes then you will fuck with his music. Reminiscent of a Donald Glover without the NYU degree, CLV$$ is well worth a listen. 

As CLV$$ tries to break out as an artist feel free to drop in this managers DM and tell him what you think! 

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