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Michael “ShawtyHitt” Jackson Igrew on the east side of Chicago youngest boy of my mother 5
kids HE always felt like a had something to prove born in the Robert Taylors and Harold Ickes
homes the struggle is all he knew his mother always made a way for him but that was just
enough to struggle so he wanted change so in 6 grade he meet Cedron “ShootaShellz” Doles a
instant bound was formed and they start hustling and doing anything the streets allowed them
to do to make money but not because it was cool it was so his lil sister wouldn’t have to worry
about going to the school without the right clothes and gear and the same with any of his
brothers and sisters and the same with him (ShootaShellz) and his family and once they saw
the change could make they vowed to get not only their family not only their neighbor but to
change and take their city out the struggle
On their strive to clean the city a lot of dirt was done music seemed like it was the only way to
get their message out so they started chasing a childhood dream of being the rappers who
save their city but on December 31,2012 Shawty Hitt dirt caught up to him and he was arrested
for possession of a assault rifle and after that it seem like jail was his life for the next 4 1\2 years
for gun charge after gun charge which slowed down that dream but ShootaShellz pick that
dream up and start making away where I left off but later that year he too faced a gun Charged
which slowed down his music career after going back and forth to jail and get a little music here
and there he was released October 2015 and he told himself that music was gonna be his only
focus being easier said than done without the right funds hespent every little piece of money I
got into studio time and video June 1 2015 ShootaShellz was release and they had a long
deep talk about everything they been through up to that date he told him “bro I don’t wanna do
shit else but music I’m putting my life in this music' and when he said that he knew at that time
they had two different mind states and paths in life, Shawty Hitt wanted to do music he needed
to do music he was still tied to the streets with a passion with his music but even then he knew
that he couldn’t be one foot in and one foot out aug 28 2016 he was locked up again with a
close friend for a discharge and a weapon charge while I sat in jail ShootaShellz work ethic
started showing he started dropping hits after hitt earlier march I called ShootaShellz and he
told Shawty Hitt about a video he did with Lake Films that was going viral (now which is
somewhere close to if not 5 million views) at that moment he knew he was destined for
greatness and every call later that quote on quote “he would tell me "bro come home get to this
music shit” or “bro you ready for this music shit” and of course I was ready to do everything we
plan to do together as kid on July 10,2017 I had court and I talk to him the day before he was
cooking lol and said he would be at court that morning but when I got to court and didn’t see him
I didn’t panic I figured he just was running late or caught up In something else I let him not being
there pass after getting back for court I start making my usual calls I was told he was shoot and
killed on his way to court for me I can't even explain the type of pain I felt it I really felt like my
heart stop beating I could breathe head start hurting you name it at the point my life change I
lost the only person I could always depend on the person who easily matter then anybody to me

I knew I had to step ups knew it was up to me to pick up the flame and make a way with the
Shaty Hitt decided to hit the ground running using his late friend as inspiration, seeing
ShootaShellz was really taking this music serious and it was paying off through fans views
shows just the whole 9 yards he knew that if he put his mind and his heart into music it was
going to pay off .Shaty Hitt recently dropped a hit single called revenge

it;s at 41k views on youtube,
His first mixtape will be dropped march 29th
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