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Johnny Loko

Javarez Thomas, better known as ‘’Johnny Loko’’ is an up and coming hip hop artist based out
of Tampa, Florida. From a young age he was enthusiastic about music. Growing up, he was
involved in his church choir both singing and playing a variety of musical instruments. A few of
his favorites included the viola, piano, bass and drums. As a young teenager, this young prodigy
recognized his passion for music and his God gifted talent to flawlessly ‘ride’ a beat and keep
listeners intrigued with his life stories. In 2003 Johnny lost his father. This loss further pushed
his desire to succeed as a music artist as he realized he could process his real life stories
through his music.
Since then, he has been focused on fine tuning his sound to give the world a look into his life.
He writes for the listener to feel his emotions. In 2017, Johnny pushed even harder through
personal trials and tribulations and dropped “God Mode” which explained his relationship with
many of his friends and the struggles they were going through at the time. He continued to
release singles back to back.
Having come into adult hood, Johnny began to evolve his music. He wrote about how he felt
through the eyes of others perceptions of his ideals. It gave him a new found depth and
perspective to his music. The result of that was the production of two singles, “Amazin” and
“Workin” which were released in May and June of 2018.
Johnny has and ambitious work ethic which he hopes will captivate listener’s hearts. He is
currently building his repertoire to complete the release of his first full length album titled
“Underestimated” with a tentative release date of 9/27/2019. From there, the world is his
audience as he pushes to mainstream his music and make “Johnny Loko” a household name.

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